62% of all employees who leave an organization say they would have stayed if their companies took steps to create a more positive and respectful work environment*.

As a company grows and changes, the process of shaping its culture requires sustained thoughtfulness and intention. Understanding the culture of an organization is the first step towards improving it.

*According to Kapor Center, Tech Leavers Study, 2017

Cohear’s Culture Building Program provides companies with an in-depth analysis and customized recommendations for building and sustaining healthy work environments. We offer consultation and trainings around developing company culture, creating experiences of inclusion, implementing diversity initiatives, and establishing strong company values.

Areas of focus include:

  • Employee Experience
  • Values Statement
  • Improving Workplace Wellness
  • Inclusion Initiatives
  • Unconcious Bias
  • Diversity Strategies
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Community Building

Taking an active role in creating a positive culture promotes collaboration, inspires creativity, and supports employee well-being.

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